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Keep your Starlink Gen 3 Standard dish secure with this extra sturdy pole mount.

The TRIO Gen 3 Pole Mount is a convenient option for those wanting to mount their Gen 3 Starlink in a secure and convenient way at home, or on their boat or RV. Simply press the tabs on the Starlink kickstand and slide it out, and slide in the TRIO Pole Mount until it clicks in firmly, place it over a 2” Flag Pole Buddy pole (OR Harbor Freight: 1.65”, 1.5”, or 1” poles with correct insert), then simply tighten the M6 screws to cinch the mount on the pole and you’re all set!

** If wanting multiple inserts, please indicate so via drop down option and specify which inserts in the “Additional Information” box during checkout ($10 extra per additional insert)

** We recommend to use the through bolt hole to drill out a hole in your pole and through bolt with 75mm M6 stainless hardware (available as add-on in drop down option).

Featuring stainless steel M6 screw and nylon lock nut hardware and manufactured from waterproof and UV thermoplastic that will not warp, the TRIO Gen 3 Pole Mount is built to last. It tilts the dish at an 8 degree angle to allow water run off and aerodynamic positioning. The pole mount also has a space for the Starlink cable to pass though.

** NOTE: Due to the 8 degree angle (instead of 20 degrees that the starlink kickstand gives) the app will show a notification that the dish needs to be aligned. This does not affect performance in any way in our testing.

If you already have a previous pole mount for Gen 1 or 2 Kits, use this pole mount (with or without insert) to fit on the same pole.

Made in BC, Canada.

For additional info, see below.

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