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Starlink has recently announced the All-New Generation 3 Starlink Standard Dish, and it is now available for purchase.

The TRIO Flatmount is a low profile mounting solution for those wanting to mount their Gen 3 Starlink in a secure and convenient way on their boat, RV, or vehicle. Simply press the tabs on the Starlink kickstand and slide it out, and slide in the TRIO flatmount until it clicks in firmly and you’re all set!

The Gen 3 TRIO Flatmount is intended for permanent or temporary installation on any vehicle: Vans, RVs, Box Trucks, Campers, Boats, Sailboats, etc. There are multiple mounting options as noted in the drop down menu.

** Strength: This mount has been designed to be used (and has been tested) in normal driving conditions and turbulence (at highway speeds) but if permanently mounting it is recommended to install behind another item (e.g. AC unit, storage box, etc) for wind dampening. It is ultimately up to the end user to make sure the antenna mount is secured appropriately.

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